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Easy and Refreshing Summertime Snacks

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A six letter word that has everybody grinning from ear to ear. Our minds daydream of family parties, cannon ball contests at the pool, catching fire flies, trips to sandy beaches, refreshing green mountains, or just enjoying much needed downtime from our busy schedules. Summer is the season that we all soak up the sun and relish those warm summer nights.

While you kick back and relax, here are several ideas to make every single second of this brief summer time count.

1. It can't be summer without a cold drink in your hand.

Try our selection of fine black tea with flavors of apricots, cherry vanilla, or French vanilla to name a few of the Bencheley classic teas we carry. This type of tea can be served hot or cold brewed.

To cold-brew this fine tea mixture, the instructions are incredibly simple and take no time at all. Just combine whole tea bags and water in a pitcher and let the tea infuse the water for about six to twelve hours in the refrigerator. Strain and remove the tea bags and then you are all set to enjoy this tea for days!

2. Beach fan favorites.

Sometimes the summer gets so filled with exciting adventures you can't seem to fit in the annual trip to the beach to pick up your favorite board walk popcorn or salt water taffy. While our Kettle Corn Caramel Popcorn and chewy salt water taffy may not be from the shore, it will have you thinking that you just came back from the sandy coast.

Did you know that Salt water taffy was “invented” in Atlantic City in 1883 and that manufacturers claim David Bradley was one of the first sellers of the candy? According to legend, a huge storm hit Atlantic City in 1883 and flooded the boardwalk leaving Bradley’s store flooded with ocean water. A young girl asked if the store still had taffy for sale and Bradley jokingly told the girl to grab some “salt water taffy.” Thus, saltwater taffy was born.

3. Want to make a trip to Hawaii without leaving your home?

Weaver's Hawaiian Supreme Mix will bring the "Aloha State" to your front door with its mixture of banana chips, mangos, cashews and golden raisins. This style of trail mix will be an instant hit at any gathering you attend since Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks only sells the freshest and highest quality products, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The bonus with Weaver's Hawaiian Supreme Mix is that since the ingredients are all natural, the mix is a healthy snack for all ages!

At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, you’ll find a wide variety of healthy, delicious snacks that will make summer last all year round! 

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