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5 Reasons You NEED To Eat More Prunes

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Once a necessity, dehydrating food is nowadays becoming increasingly popular.


We are all learning more and more about the benefits of raw or “living food”. While cooking destroys many of the vitamins, as well as enzymes important to our health, dehydrated or dried food retains the nutritional benefits, since only their water is removed, making it the closest to raw food and all the goodness it has to offer.

Now, let’s talk dried plums! Yes, we mean prunes.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “prunes”? Relieving constipation. So, it’s not surprising that prunes are not people’s favorite snack. OK, maybe they are not the most appealing fruit, either, however – we all will agree that they are very effective as laxatives.

Prunes (maybe it’s the name, too, that gives them a certain reputation?) have been a popular digestive remedy for such a long time and are effective laxative due to their high content of fiber, a type of alcohol sugar called sorbitol that can loosen the stool, and a natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin. A 2011 study found that prunes are more effective than psyllium fiber at relieving constipation.

But, do you know of all the other powerful qualities prunes have?

1. Rich in Antioxidants - Protect against diseases like cancer

Prunes protect the brain from free radical damage, and can also help to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. They are rich in antioxidants - special compounds that protect against oxidation, or cellular damage caused by free radicals. Prunes are also rich in phytonutrients called phenols, and especially high in two unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. Studies show that these nutrients assist in preventing damage to cells, thus helping us stay healthy.

2. Rich in Soluble Fiber – Lower cholesterol and prevent type 2 diabetes

Prunes are high in soluble fiber - it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, slows the rate that food leaves the stomach (which delays the absorption of sugar into the blood stream), and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

The soluble fiber also helps to lower cholesterol by absorbing excess bile (which is made from cholesterol) in the intestine and then excreting it. When the body excretes bile along with the fiber from prunes, the liver must use cholesterol in the body to make more bile thereby lowering the amount in circulation in the body. Soluble fiber may also inhibit the amount of cholesterol manufactured by the liver in the first place.

The soluble fiber in prunes will help you feel more satisfied after a meal; as a result, it can prevent overeating and weight gain.

3. Rich in Vitamin K and Beta Carotene – Be happier and more youthful

One cup of prunes provides 87% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K. A 2013 study showed that an increased intake in beta carotene can actually make people - happier.

Beta-carotene also protects and repairs the damage of free radicals in our cells, which means it can help reverse the signs of aging.

Also, Vitamin K and beta carotene work together to help reduce bone loss and improve circulation – great news for your heart and other vital organs.

4. Rich in Vitamin A - Healthy Eyes

The high content of vitamin A in prunes makes them beneficial for overall eye health, plus, the presence of beta-carotene protects against the formation of cataracts.

5. Improved Bone Health and Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis.

This dried fruit may be the most beneficial to eat if you are trying to lower the risk of osteoporosis, according to a study published in "The British Journal of Nutrition". Prunes improved bone mineral density, and, as an article published in "Ageing Research Reviews" stated, eating prunes may not only slow bone loss, but also reverse some types of bone mineral density loss.

So, why not reconsider your usual snack and go for the healthy and, actually, very tasty prunes!

By the way, it turned out that women age 25 to 54 react so negatively to the idea of prunes that the California Prune Board pressured the Food and Drug Administration to change their name to the more appealing, and technically correct - “dried plums”. This, and the fact that they are super good for us, caused sales of pitted prunes to hit new heights.

Need a few ideas for adding pitted prunes to your diet?

Chopped prunes can easily replace raisins or dates in oatmeal, cookies, muffins and cakes. What’s more, they can play a tasty role in savory dishes, especially with chicken and pork. Boiled (until soft) and then pureed prunes will make a prune paste that can be spread on toast, used instead of syrup for pancakes or added to baked goods for flavor and moisture. They are an ideal addition to your favorite nuts and make a tasty and healthy trail mix. To satisfy a sweet tooth, try munching on some pitted prunes; add your favorite chocolate – and you’ve just created a healthy and yummy desert.

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