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The Bunnies Are Hopping Again

We all look forward to spring; it brings soft warmth, blossom - scented air, and sweet Easter! However, for one company, everyone who works there, and for all the fans of their amazing products, this season is special and extra exciting. The Madelaine Chocolate Company, 65-year-old family-owned business, now celebrates a new beginning!The Madelaine Chocolate Company, located in Rockaway [...]

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Spring Chocolate Demos

Weaver Nut Company is hosting live chocolate demos by Barry Callebaut representative Bruce Smith. The theme for the demos will be "Back to the basics with flair". Learn more about how to work with chocolate using recipes for molding, dipping and slabbing of confections. Have your questions answered about the differences between tempering vs. crystallization and what [...]

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National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day Is Approaching

National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day is coming up on February 25th! Nuts have been an essential part of the human diet for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of the walnut, Native Americans enjoyed the pecan, and the Chinese believed that the hazelnut was one of the five sacred nourishments. And then there’s a belief [...]

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Sweet Valentine Traditions Around the World

While the notion of expressing one’s love on Valentine’s Day is basically the same, different countries have their own traditions for this beloved holiday.Here in the United States the sweet tradition usually consists of some sort of heart-shaped box of assorted candies, while in Italy the traditional candy gift for Valentine’s Day is a chocolate-covered hazelnut called a Baci Perugina. [...]

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Sugar-Free: Choice for some, Necessity for others ~ We Have You Covered!

"Sugar-free chocolate" sounds like an oxymoron, but it's a booming product category - partly because of diabetes and other health reasons, also due to many people wanting to lose weight.To help make life easier and sweeter, especially for those living with diabetes and hypoglycemia, we offer sugar free and low carb items. Also: Yes, it's true - chocolate does appear to [...]

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