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Cool Treats to Share This Summer

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Summer is here and good times are sure to follow! The warm weather, longer days, and constant sunshine always tend to put people in a good mood. Summer is always synonymous with vacations, barbecues, or family picnics.

Over the last year, many things have changed in our lives. Families, businesses, and healthcare have seen some dramatic shifts in how things are handled day to day. Many consumers are more conscious of the goods they buy and where they buy them from.

At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, we want to make sure that we offer all of our customers products that they feel confident in purchasing.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year there has been a transition towards single-serve and individually packaged items. Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks has a plethora of wrapped candies that are perfect for customers who want to enjoy and indulge in some delicious treats, while still maintaining a level of safety that many follow today.

We have over 200 candies to choose from that are wrapped and packaged individually, so you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

We wanted to take some time to highlight our top 3 favorite COVID-friendly treats - here they are:

1.Land Of The Gummies Individually Wrapped Gummy Bears – The classic gummy bear has been around for more than 100 years. Coming in a variety of colors and flavors, gummy bears have been a staple in the candy world and are not going to leave any time soon. We have four great individually wrapped gummy bears in vibrant colors that will catch everyone’s eyes. Pick some up today in orange, red, yellow, and blue!

2.Tootsie Rolls – Everyone can remember their first Tootsie Roll. The iconic roll of chocolate wrapped in brown, white, and red paper has fans all over the globe going wild! They have been eaten by millions over the years and just about everyone has tried them. But did you know they also come in an assortment of different flavors? That’s right! There are five distinct flavors included in the Tootsie Rolls Assorted Flavors pack. Cherry, lemon, orange lime, and vanilla flavors put a twist on this timeless treat!

3.Hershey’s Jolly Rancher Assorted Individually Wrapped Hard Candies – One of the most popular hard candies of all time, Jolly Ranchers have withstood the test of time. The fruit flavors of watermelon, green apple, cherry, and blue raspberry are long-lasting and have a great taste. A favorite amongst children and adults, Jolly Ranchers will take some people down memory lane and help others create new ones!

These fantastic candies are just a small percentage of the entire line of individually wrapped candies we offer that you can devour to your heart’s delight and feel safe when doing so.

Check out all of our individually wrapped candies right here!

Find all of our products online or come on into our store to browse things safely in our store or make an order to take advantage of our curbside pickup. Order online or call 717-738-3337 to have someone help you over the phone.

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