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Our Top 5 Selling Gimbals Candy Products

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"Making Gourmet Candies for Everyone Everyday."

In 1898, Alexander Gimbal founded the Gimbal Candy Kitchen in busy downtown San Francisco. Four generations later, the Gimbal's Fine Candies family and everyone working there are still passionate about making delicious treats. If you love candy as much as they do, you’ll enjoy every bite of the Gimbals fine candy!

There are many scrumptious Gimbals Candy flavors and types – here are our top 5 selling Gimbals Candy products:

1. Licorice Chews

This mouthwatering chewy Gimbals licorice candy is sure to delight kids and kids at heart.

Licorice Chews are soft button shaped treats that are subtly scented with anise. Great as a sweet pick-me-up, they also make a wonderful wedding candy!

2. The Chocolate Chews

Remember the “Dots"? Gimbals Chews evoke childhood carefree memories just like the Dots; they are delicious and chewy, only with chocolate flavor.

Gimbals Chocolate Fudge Taffy Lite Chews have a smooth surface, firmness to the candy, and a delightful flavor.

3. Licorice Scottie Dogs

Each charming Licorice Scottie Dog is handcrafted, soft and bursting with flavor. They are made with only the finest, natural ingredients, such as real licorice root and pure anise.

These sweet Scotties are perfect for the real Licorice Lovers. With their cute looks, Gimbals Licorice Scotties also make a fun and lovely gift.

4. Cherry Scottie Dogs

More adorable little Scotties, this time – in red. Soft, tender to the bite, bursting with delicious red licorice/cherry flavor, this handcrafted candy will certainly please your palate!

Thanks to their good looks and delicious taste, Gimbal Brothers Red Licorice Scottie Dogs are wonderful for gifting, candy buffets and weddings. Also, you can enjoy them in good conscience, since licorice seems to be quite beneficial for our well-being. As always, moderation is recommended.

5. Sugar Free Chocolate Chews

Now, if you are a chocolate lover but worried about the extra calories, or if you’re diabetic - Gimbals Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Taffy Delight are here for you!

They also make a great treat for those with food allergies, since they are sugar free, gluten free, gelatin free, nut/peanut free, dairy free, and egg free.

These chewy sugar free chocolates have a lovely taste that you can enjoy guilt-free. Your kids will love them too, plus they are not as harmful for their teeth. Flavor packed and yummy, Gimbals Sugar Free Chocolate Chews will easily satisfy your chocolate craving!

A lot of people are wondering where to buy Gimbals Candy, since this good old-fashioned candy can be hard to find.

Browse our selectionof Gimbals candies at Weaver Nut Snacks and Sweets and try our top 5 best sellers, or get a new flavor today!

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