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Outdo The Easter Bunny With These Gifts

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Wonderful Spring is just around the corner, bringing beautiful scents, colors, tastes, and - Easter.

Stores will soon be decorated in pastel hues, with various toys and other gifts “hopping” everywhere. But, why not make it extra special this year?

We’ll show you how to make three lovely looking Easter gift bags with tasty treats, in just a few easy steps, using very little supplies.

Celebrate Easter with these DIY gifts, featuring sweet chocolate bunnies and candies - there’s plenty of time to make it happen!

The best part, in addition to delicious chocolates and candies, of course, is that kids can join in the fun and make their own personalized Easter Gifts for friends, cousins and classmates.

Now, imagine the happy looks on kids’ face when they receive these Easter gifts, or, even better, find them during Egg Hunts!

1. Easter Egg Bag

In a clear cellophane bag, place a handful of yummy Asher's chocolate caramel and marshmallow eggs. Tie the bag with a ribbon, shoelace or twine, and attach a handwritten, or typed note:

"Egg-cited for Spring!”

If your candy treat bags are too long, you can trim the top to shorten the length.

These delicious sweets will make everyone smile: chocolate covered marshmallows that simply melt in your mouth, covering rich caramel centers! Easter egg hunts just got even more exciting with a bag of Asher's Milk Chocolate Petite Caramel And Marshmallow Eggs!

2. Easter Pals Bag

Place several Asher's chocolate peanut butter pals in a clear candy bag, and follow the instructions above. These adorable chicks, ducks, and bunnies will certainly make someone’s day a bit warmer! Change up your message to:

“I’m very HOPPY it’s Easter!”

Asher's Milk Chocolate Easter Peanut Butter Pals are a perfect company for an Easter gift bag or basket.

3. Easter Jelly Belly Bag

And now, we present a joyful Easter bag bursting with colors and flavors!

Fill a candy bag with an assortment of Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix and follow the instructions from the gift idea number 1. Once again, change up your message! Kid’s and adults alike will enjoy this “Bunny Food”.

Jelly Belly Candy Co. candies bring instant smiles, a sweet tooth fix, and are perfect for Easter gifting!

There, you’ve just mastered the art of easy, quick, creative, and fun Easter gifts DIY!

Use your creativity when adding the message, and write any other funny, clever, silly or sweet phrases your imagination comes up with!

So get your supplies now, summon any help you may need, or want, and start working on these great projects!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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