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Top 4 Ways To Ensure Your Coffee Tastes Bold and Smells Fresh Longer

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We have utmost love, respect and understanding of coffee – as sellers but also as avid consumers of our own whole bean coffee. As we strive to supply you with the very best and freshest regular and flavored coffee, we also wanted to provide some valuable information on how to keep the aroma and taste of your coffee as long as possible.

So, you order a bag of your favorite coffee, Weaver Nut Jamaican Me Crazy Whole Bean Coffee for instance, and you eagerly await its arrival and the moment you get to open the bag. And there it is - the dark and glossy appearance and the rich fresh-roasted smell of our whole bean coffee!

Now, here are four top things you can do to preserve that heavenly smell and freshness of the great coffee you’re about to enjoy.

1. Store whole beans in airtight packages or containers

Unfortunately, coffee will begin to lose its flavor the longer it is exposed to air and moisture. Never store your coffee in paper bags but rather in its original packaging, as long the packaging is airtight.

Or, keep your coffee in airtight containers made of materials that will not impart undesirable flavor and aroma to your coffee. Ceramic or glass containers are a great choice.

2. Store your coffee in a cool, dry and dark place

One should always avoid keeping coffee in sunlight and exposing it to heat, steam or moisture.

Also, do not store coffee, ground or whole bean, in the fridge. It’s not cold enough to keep your coffee fresh for longer periods; also, even if it’s in an airtight container, coffee works as a deodorizer, and will absorb all the aromas in your fridge – which may have a negative effect on the final taste of your cup of coffee.

If you know you will have whole coffee beans for a longer period, you can store them in your freezer. To avoid freezer-burn, remember to keep your beans in a re-sealable container, jar or some type of airtight container. Only take out as much coffee as you need; also, never put whole beans that have thawed back into the freezer.

3. Grind just before brewing

It is always best not to store ground coffee.

Whenever possible, grind your coffee just before you brew it. Depending on your method of brewing, choose the type of grind best suited for it to produce optimum flavor.

Regularly clean your grinder. This will ensure longer life of the grinder and that you are not blending old coffee with fresh grounds.

Since ground coffee is considerably affected by humidity, which will negatively impact the flavor, avoid storing ground beans for more than about a week.

4. Finally, the quality and quantity

One should always buy regular and flavored coffee that is high quality.Also,in order to ensure the freshest cup of coffee possible, it is recommended that, ideally, you store not more than one to two week’s worth of whole beans at a time. Naturally, this isn’t always possible, so one should definitely keep extra coffee in the freezer.

Buy the best quality and freshest beans possible to ensure that you have a perfect coffee experience at home - with that exceptional scent, rich crema, and delectable flavors.

We are proud to offer an assortment of high quality flavored coffee, source the finest whole bean coffee in many amazing flavors - from tiramisu, to cream brulee, to cinnamon hazelnut, mocha, and more. Enjoy your perfect cup of java!

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