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There is no better place to overfill your shopping cart with bulk candy than at Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks.  Not only do we offer you a dizzying array of candies in various shades, shapes, and textures, we also offer it to you at the lowest possible price.  We are able to present bulk M&Ms, Jelly Bellys and other name brand candy at extremely low prices, since we buy our candy in large quantities and pass the savings on to you.  Entering our website you can almost hear the bell sounding behind you as you walk into a vintage candy store and see the gleaming rows of bins of brightly colored candies calling your name.  Our bulk candy spans the spectrum of colors, giving you the joy and freedom of giddily clicking from one candy to the next.  We have old-fashioned candies such as licorice, brittle and candy buttons. We also feature the newest candies on the market; we’re always looking for exciting and novel bulk candy to add to our already jaw-dropping lineup of goodies.  It’s hard not to get excited at the vast amount and variety of candies in our candy Fill your cart.  We won’t tell your mom.