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We offer a novel approach to gourmet chocolates – high quality chocolate at a low and affordable price.  The trip through your hometown grocery store will not give you both.  Their chocolate offerings are either bad tasting or have an exorbitant price.  We work with local and national high-quality chocolate manufactures to bring you gourmet chocolates of various cacao levels that will never disappoint.  We offer chocolate in blocks, chips, and wafers to suit all of your needs.  You can choose from many different colors of chocolate wafers as well, so that the beauties coming from your chocolate molds will be automatically destined for greatness.  The sheer enormity of the number of products we offer will allow you to choose from buying high-quality chocolate covered pretzels or to make them yourself with one of many luxurious coating chocolates.  The gourmet chocolates we sell enjoy a very quick turnaround, so you are guaranteed chocolates that are fresh and glossy.   Since we buy such large amounts of gourmet chocolates from the manufacturers, we can pass the savings on to you.  Chocolate never tasted this good.