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There is a very good reason our name is “Weaver Nut Company”; we have a great deal of pride in our expertise in bringing you stellar raw and roasted nuts.  Not only do we have nuts of amazing quality of freshness, we also have pretty much any nut that you could desire.  We offer nuts that are in the shell, raw, salted, unsalted, honey roasted, yogurt covered, chocolate covered, butter toasted and more.  We have pine nuts, pistachios, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts, and the list goes on.  The roasted nuts we sell are of particularly high quality because we buy the nuts fresh, directly from the packing house in large quantities, and then sell them at an astonishing rate so that their freshness is intact when it arrives at your door.  Not only do we offer roasted nuts such as roasted almonds, we also offer homemade peanut butter as well as a variety of peanuts so that you can make your own peanut butter at home.  We started our business in 1975 selling nuts.  When you open your first bag of nuts from us, our expertise will show in the freshness and the quality.

  • Maple Nut Treats

  • Double Dipped Peanuts